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"As a professional photographer and filmmaker for over 25 years, New York City has never ceased to amaze and inspire me."
—chuck fishbein

For over fifteen years, Crazy Duck Productions has created effective EPKs, documentaries, music videos, interviews and live performance videos for promotion, broadcast, DVD release and the internet. Our clients know they can trust us with their most sensitive artists, projects and products - and they do. Our work has been featured in programs all over the world.

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The FIlm Look

Creating the film lookis not just about shooting in HD at 24p, nor is it determined by your camera’s chip size or the narrow depth of field it delivers. The film look is created by the way you plan and … Continue reading

A Band Named Sam

Of all the college courses I completed and the many brilliant and experienced photographers I assisted, nothing really prepared me for a life in video production and photography as much as the time I spent working with a rock band … Continue reading